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You've poured your heart into your business.

Us too, babe.

We get it, we really do. When you own a small business, it becomes a piece of you. There's no way to avoid it taking up a place in your heart and identity. 

Investing in your business IS investing in yourself. In your future.

We love our jobs. We love the life it has granted us. And we want to help YOU bring your dreams to fruition in the only way we know how:

With our cameras and our experience.

We created The Tayem Photo Co to be a photographers one-stop for all things photography resource.                      , photographer events,                                 ,                            , and above all - community. Not just photographers, but all small business.

At The Tayem Photo Co, there is enough room for all of us to succeed, and we can do it best when we do it                .

Studio rental

styled photoshoots



"These ladies are the definition of community over competition."

"These ladies are the definition of community over competition."

Photography Studio Rental

Studio Rental

Your South Central Pennsylvania Photographers Resource


"Taylor and Emily have given our area a beautiful studio space for creatives to work in."

"Taylor and Emily have given our area a beautiful studio space for creatives to work in."

meet your new photog besties

We're Taylor & Emily!

We are the business-partners-turned-besties that created The Tayem Photo Co.

We originally created this company for the simple reason to create. We saw a deep need for opportunities for photographers to engage within their own community and have access to education, community, styled photoshoots and indoor shooting space in the Chambersburg, PA area.

After year one, it became so much more.

In year one, we hosted 6 styled photoshoots, hosted dozens of photographers in our studios, helped countless local businesses create stunning branding images, mentored local photographers, and so much more. 

The Tayem Photo Co became more than we could have ever dreamed of. 

We now consider ourselves the creative + entrepreneurs resource. While our services are greatly geared towards photographers, we are so thrilled to help other small & local businesses with business branding and headshot services. For photographers we are thrilled to offer styled photoshoots, posing workshops, education, mentorship, and rental of our downtown Chambersburg studios.

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Ready to invest in yourself? It's about time.