We built our businesses from the ground up

Just. Like. You.

We see your hustle. We see your late night editing and your off-the-wall Google searches. We were you. We ARE you. 

Some days it feels like you're drowning. It's like you get your head above water just to get knocked down again. Business ownership has a funny way of humbling you like that. We feel that pain on the daily. 

We also see you persisting. Fighting to build your dream and live it. Curating your work and pouring your passion into every shutter. Persevering through every winding road and unexpected bump along the way. WE SEE YOU. 

Being a business owner is supposed to bring you freedom & joy. If you just wanted an expensive hobby, that's what you'd have. That's why we have spent years learning from other professionals who have climbed this same mountain and have conquered it. Now we want to pour that knowledge into you to help you create a free, joyful and creative career.


Guides & Online Courses



By the time I was 18 I had dropped out of college, and the job I had lined up in the 

video production had 

fallen through. I felt lost

and like every turn was a 

failure. To be honest, I've felt

like that up until a few months ago.

There is no denying that the creative industry is a hard one to make it in. There is no clear path. No "one way" or blueprint. You just work your ass off and do the best you can with what you have. I've spent years piecing together small pieces of education and mentorships trying to figure out what to throw away and what to keep. I still do this to this day. The one rule in the world of art: never stop growing. Never stop investing in your knowledge. I want to help you do that!

humans can have on your future. I want to guide others to their full potential. I know what it's like to feel lost in your career when you're not fulfilling your passions. I job-hopped for years, keeping photography as a side hobby until I started investing more in education & learning through trial & error in business.  I want to help you avoid all the mistakes I made and discover your full potential sooner! 

of my professor to take it further. I know firsthand the life-changing benefit of having a community of supportive, likeminded 

I've always been the girl who had her camera with her but never realized

I could make it a 

career until  taking one  

photography class in 

college where I received 

the encouragement & support

Photography Classes

Just got a camera and don't know where to begin? Or have you been shooting for awhile but struggle to get the images you want? Let us help!

Learn the basics at The Tayem Photo Co Studio in Chambersburg, PA. We will discuss shooting in manual, composition, navigating lighting, capturing specific types of images, and more. 

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Photography Workshops

Join us for our one-day crash course photography workshops, where we will focus on helping you hone one skill at a time.

Whether it's posing, OCF, Lightroom, Photoshop, studio shooting, business backend, client experience or something else -- our goal is to help you excel. 

Unlike styled photoshoots, these workshops will have a heavy weight on education. Completely guided by Taylor and Emily, we will work with each attendee on their specific goals and guide you in the direction of success.

Coming 2024.

Workshop Schedule

Guides & Online Courses

Every skill we could think of - smashed into one little digital file. Magical, isn't it? 

Our expanding digital guide and course products are intended to guide the self-learner and help you through the bumps and bruises of breaking into the photography industry. 

All guides are handwritten by Taylor & Emily, two full time photographers in Chambersburg, PA. Our goal is to make education affordable and attainable for all skill levels, and we hope that is reflective here.

Coming 2024.

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Does business backend confuse the heck out of you?
Do you struggle to create emotive imagery and authentic moments with your clients?
Do you suddenly forget every pose you've ever thought up the second you turn the camera on?
Maybe it's the basics - like shooting in manual (which is TOTALLY confusing at first!) 

Whatever the struggle, we've heard it all.

We always call ourselves yin & yang because we are each others perfect balance. Where one is weak, the other is strong. So we have pulled our skillsets and our knowledge to tailor individual and joint mentorship options directly curated to your individual needs. We want you to shop for the knowledge you need for YOUR business, and we are dedicated to creating a personalized mentorship experience just for you.

xo, taylor + em





I may be a great fit for you if you want mentorship in:

  • Achieving a darker + moody editing style
  • Edits such as head swaps / difficult flaw fixes
  • Prompting & posing to create candid & comfortable photos that convey true emotion & authenticity
  • Breaking into the wedding industry
  • Any focus on couples, weddings, elopements & boudoir.
  • Identifying and reaching your ideal client
  • Curating an impactful client experience
  • Creating a connection with your clients and effectively communicating with them before & during your session
  • Business backend, pricing, taxes, insurance & legalities
I may be a great fit for you if you want mentorship in:

  • Achieving a warm, light & glowy editing style
  • Edits such as color correction & skin tones 
  • Technical skills in composition of images, lighting and picking locations
  • Creating an effortless posing flow for your clients to create genuine emotions
  • Social media & how to use it as a business
  • How to become a lifestyle family photographer in a saturated market
  • Curating a memorable client experience
  • How to find new clients and market your business
  • Creating a solid work flow system for your business
  • How to blog as a photographer
  • Using Pinterest to grow your brand

Are you ready to take your business up a notch?

we're ready to help you.