Our Story

Once upon a time in August of 2021, Taylor was having major imposter syndrome and was panicked about the future of her business as she prepared for her first baby. She threw together a styled shoot to get some more current portfolio items for when she was ready to work again postpartum. On a whim and with very minimal ulterior motive - she put up a story inviting other photographers. One showed up. You guessed it - Emily. That very day we began tossing ideas and cooking up The Tayem Photo Co before we had any idea what we even wanted it to be.

We hosted our very first styled shoot in August of 2022, and the rest is history. 

Some days we can't even believe we blindly stumbled into what we have with Tayem. Not only have we found our other half in business, but also one another's biggest cheerleader and strength where the other is weak. 

We spend a lot of our time talking each other out of imposter syndrome and making unnecessary Target runs - but every other moment we are pouring our hearts and souls into Tayem and everything it stands for.

Together we have learned that finding your tribe is business AND life changing. We created The Tayem Photo Co to curate community and give other photographers and small business owners that same sense of guidance, resources, and friendship so that they have the confidence and the village to go boldly in pursuit of their passions.

Hey friends! I’m Taylor of Taylor Smith Photo & Video. 

My background is mostly in video, beginning from the time I was THIRTEEN. I followed those aspirations all the way to college at George Mason University… where I promptly dropped out. Since then, I’m completely self taught in skill, and mentored in business. 

Up until recently, I spent several years managing the office of my family towing business. To speak conservatively… it was far from my passion. But I left with a great understanding of business ownership, finances, legalities and more; for which I’m so grateful.

I’m a creative right down to my core, so being able to do what I love while also being able to be present for my family has meant everything to me. 

As a creative, I’m one of those people who is always trying to figure out how to turn a hobby into a business. And being self taught and mentored makes me appreciate so greatly the professionals who took me under their wing. I’m a firm believer in constant growth, challenges, and seeking learning opportunities. So being able to meet and work with other photographers is an absolute dream come true to me.

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Hey! I'm Taylor.

Hey there! I'm Em, the owner of Em Katrina Photo!

I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2018 with my bachelor's in Communication Journalism + Electronic Media - only taking one photography class and the rest I learned from online educators! 

After graduation I worked in social media management + after realizing I need to be where the people are went back to my OG fresh outta high school workplace (Bath & Body Works). I quickly became the Store Manager but was missing that full-on human connection that was lacking in the corporate world.

 I've been taking photo sessions on the side since 2016 and decided that was where my heart really was + could not deny the opportunity to go full time while I had it. 

I'm a huge nerd and owe all of my success to other photographers sharing their knowledge and I want to spread the wealth with struggling beginner or burnt out photographers because trust me, I've been both and want to help anyone I can live into their full potential!

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Hey! I'm Em.

Our Team

Meet Jen

Meet Aidan

Jennifer and Aidan are incredible models, but they are members of our studio in more ways than one! Jennifer attends all of our major content days and occasional workshops as our videographer and has been doing so since day one. Aidan joined our team for our second content day, and has been with us ever since. 

We can't thank these ladies enough for all they do for us.

Your locally certified hype girls

When creating our brand, we decided early on that we wanted bold. Joyful. Feminine. Colorful. Tayem is our passion project. Our safe place to create and scheme and bring visions to life without fear of failure. That is the foundation of what Tayem is. 

The joy we get by being a foundation of support to lift up other women in business is indescribable. We love being your cheerleaders. We love bringing your vision to life. But most of all, we love spending time with you, hearing your journey, and being your friends.